Express Body & Paint

Toyota Plaza Express Body and Paint facility is a revolution in the car body repair industry, thanks to the efficient Toyota Production System (TPS).

TPS divides the repair process into 11 stages with individual technicians specializing in different repair stages. This system minimizes unnecessary movements while maximizing productivity and expertise.

With specialization and increased efficiency, Toyota Plaza Express Body & Paint cuts down repair time and minimizes inconvenience to you. A light repair will take less than 2 working days while a medium repair takes only less than 3 working days!

This way, your car gets back in shape faster and back to you on time, every time. Guaranteed.

General Accident Repairs

Through our highest quality repairs, precision, craftsmanship and a great finish, medium to heavy damage (more than two panels damaged) to your car is not a concern. We ensure that your car still feels and functions just like it did when you first bought it.

Insurance Centre

InsuranceAs your time is important to us, we speed up the insurance claims process through onsite support. All major insurance companies are represented at the Toyota Plaza Insurance Centre where all surveyors are available for inspection, paperwork and approvals, on site.


Printed on maandag 21 februari 2011

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