Genuine Accessories

Precision-Engineered for Fun, Style and Individuality

Whether you're interested in enhancing performance, styling, or protection, only Genuine Toyota and Lexus Accessories give you complete confidence and peace-of-mind in your decision to customize your vehicle.

Only Genuine Toyota and Lexus Accessories are specifically designed, engineered, tested and approved for use on each vehicle. Toyota and Lexus engineers love to speak about “vehicle-specific integration.” What this means is that your Genuine Accessories will fit and function precisely in your specific model. On-vehicle checks and evaluations are performed with each design update, resulting in constant improvements to each accessory. That's the difference between “one size fits all” and being specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for your vehicle.

Alloy Wheels

Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Chrome Tips

Front Skid Plates


Carbon Fiber Engine Covers

Brake Upgrades

Carbon Fiber Fittings

DVD Players

Illuminated door sills

Leather Cleaner

Sport Shock Absorber Set

Printed on maandag 21 februari 2011

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